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TYPO3 4.4: The Donation Notice

Posted on September 6th 2010 at 23:04 inside TYPO3 with 5 comments

About 3 months ago I started on an updated version of my blog. I wanted it to be state of the art, so back then I started on some beta of 4.4. Now 3 months later, just when I was about to launch my updated blog, I was a little surprised by an automated notice inside my TYPO3 backend. which asked me to please donate.

Have no fear!

Don't worry, the message is only displayed when an administrator is logged in. So normally, if you set up your editors correctly, the will never see this. Next to that, you are able to disable it in the Install Tool.

Or simply by adding the following line to your localconf.php inside the typo3conf folder.

Disable the donation notice after 3 months 

  1. $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['BE']['allowDonateWindow'] = '0';
$TYPO3_CONF_VARS['BE']['allowDonateWindow'] = '0';

My Opinion

Now I agree with the fact that you can make it clear to people that they can help TYPO3 grow by donating. After all it is free open source CMS that allows you to rapidly create cool new websites. However I don't really agree with the idea of a 'Nag' box. I think the approach is a little too aggressive. Of course I'm not here to complain and nag about this, just to start a discussion ;-). So what do you think, fund-raising for the TYPO3 project like this? A do or a don't?

What do you think of this new 'feature' in TYPO3 4.4?

You've heard mine, no let's hear yours. What do you think of this new 'feature' in TYPO3 4.4? (If you like you can also share why you do or do not like it by leaving a comment).

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Comments (5)

Gravatar: Pim BroensPim Broens2010-09-07 09:56

Somewhat agree on the subject

TYPO3 might just have taken a wrong turn with the notices. I get the fact that they would like to make some money for development purposes. But I'm not sure if this is the right way to do it.
On the other hand, it has been discussed (in T3CON09 mailing list AFAIK) and it has been placed in the release notice. So people could be aware of it being there. And the option to disable it is there, you just have to set it.
I think the popup is a bit aggressive, might have been better with a flashmessage notice instead of the popup.

Gravatar: Nitin SewtahalsingNitin Sewtahalsing2010-09-07 10:09

It doesn't bother me

I totally agree with Pim!

Gravatar: SteffenSteffen2010-09-09 11:33


The notice is displayed without regard if I already did sponsor, gave support, code etc. That's why it feels like spam.

Gravatar: tomitzeltomitzel2010-09-10 15:38

Wrong approach

I think this is a wrong approach because as it is directed to the admin, which most of (all) the time doesn't sponsor TYPO3, but the company that he works for, I don't see why it should appear to him.

Gravatar: SebastianSebastian2011-01-20 15:26

Good step

Im totaly fine with the popup box, because its only once if you push the right button and it gives you some seconds to think about what TYPO3 does for you.

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